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Welcome to Dongguan!
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The amusement in Dongguan

With the development of economy, Dongguan is it have the appearance of one kind of amusement of paradise too, especially the amusement at night of Dongguan, is a group of prosperity even more.
The place of night entertainment concentrates near the residential district of Huayuan new village. There is bustling with vehicles , streams past in an endless flow in the evening, by over 3 o'clock in the evening, some places even open all night. It is one of the main activities to taste the midnight snack, all saloon bars open tea at night in the evening.
Another night recreation amusement are concentrated in the area of Houjie town. It is an evasive neon light , fluctuates colorfully at night , fully reflect that the fast rhythm life which takes the place of the city appears . Because The Houjie is the commercial town where the foreign businessmen gathered, the Western-style food special dining room here is innumerable, there are large quantities of night clubs, dancing halls, bars ,etc., is very lively too at night.
The bowling alley of Dongguan can be found everywhere - -The bowling alley of sports center, bowling alley of BaiMashan, are all first-class equipped; At the same time there is a south largest night golf course of area of China in Dongguan, it has courteous service solicitously, is a good place for whole family happy together.

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