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Welcome to Dongguan!
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The Festival celebration of Dongguan

>>Sell oneself festival
Every the second of lunar February month, Dongguan Dongkeng town can hold " sell oneself festival ". What is called " selling oneself in festival ", certainly not sell off one's own festival, but it is on the day when the dragon looks up ---Penetrate water, sprinkles water, Beg the happy, seeking wealth activities. Relying on this kind of celebration activity, people pray for safe, health, wealth, love, etc for new year, with the wish to the bright future of the form.

>>The dragon boat game
Before and after annual lunar calendar fifth day of the fifth lunar month of dragon boat regatta " Dragon Boat Festival ", there are " dragon boat festival " and " dragon boat race " of scale different from form in every town (district) of the whole city, stone dragon town, bamboo grove village district, ten thousand river district , dishes of cellar town , rough to well up town ,etc. have scale and characteristic most among them, very grand.

>>Litchi festival
Dongguan litchi have " south of the Five Ridges first product", laudatory title of " fruit king ", When the litchi is ripe in July or June, the whole city every town hold " litchi festival ", Through the festival there is large-scale recreational and sports activities, trade and business activity, etc.. The most attraction is the visitor and guest go to the litchi garden to pick in and have a taste of delicacy litchi, It is very interesting. Heavy bright town, small house step town , large mountain range mountain town , Changping town Shijie town,, stone dragon town, etc. are the main producing region which are the most characteristic.

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