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Welcome to Dongguan!
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Dongguan Cuisine

Dongguan was situated at Guangdong province, the diet still primarily by the Cantonese cuisine. But the economical development has led the entire local prosperity, now not only can taste the Cantonese cuisine in Dongguan, but also can taste the Hunan cuisine, the Shandong cuisine, the Sichuan cuisine, the northeast cuisine and so on the domestic famous cuisine. Diet from each place has facilitated the Dongguan richly colorful diet atmosphere. The Jiahua hotel, the Dongguan guesthouse, the lotus flower mountain village, the Xihu hotel and so on which grows perceptibly by the dining also is the good choice. Moreover, Dongguan's place snack has also become the goal by the numerous tourists tracks down.

The introduces of some special features snack

>>Dongguan sacrificial intestines
It is one of three treasures of Dongguan special product. The Dongguan sacrificial intestines are the fresh pig intestines which processes at the same day make the sacrificial sausage casing, minces with the lean meat and the fat stirs evenly, shakes by the table salt, the white sugar, top grade lives soy sauce and the monosodium glutamate, before enters the intestines also to sprinkle Shanxi Fen liquor which is the original brand, after ties up to sling the natural air seasoning to the certain degree, then puts in the torch to bake transparently dry and clear by the soft fire, thus forms the unique flavor, color beautifully vivid sacrificial intestines.
Its characteristic is this kind of sacrificial intestines "the short mat extravagantly seals", the intestines body is much shorter than the common sacrificial intestines, but is actually thicker than the ordinary sacrificial intestines, at first glance resembles an ellipse small meat ball. The Dongguan sacrificial intestines also have mellow, clear and melodious, the salty taste are even, the taste enter meat characteristic and so on.

>>Three standing grains feast
Use the standing grain insect growth in the field which is the border of salty and fresh water of Zhujiang delta, the season marsh tit and the carp when the cereal crop seedling blossom, boils together. The standing grain insect type clown but the nutritional value is high; The pulp Marsh tit and fish is tasty, three ingenious unions get the essence of this three vegetable.

>>The Baisha oil duck
Also calls "the Baisha cured duck meat". It is one of three treasures of Dongguan special product (Baisha oil duck, sacrificial intestines, lizard sugar pumelo peel); The cover of the duck after boils is white, the meat is tasty, slides tenderly, is extremely tasty.

>>Lizard sugar pumelo peel
It is one of three treasures Dongguan special product; Flavor fragrant, moreover is chewy, has the effect of promotes saliva or body fluids whets the appetite.

>>Burns goose Lai noodle
The lai noodle is grinds with the powder of rice to makes cylindrical noodles shape food. Is elegant with the soup; Cook the soup by the entire chicken, the bulk meat, the bulk bone, the flavor is tasty; With hot soup pouring above the Lai noodle, mixes again with the goose meat. Lai noodle is tender, tasty, the goosemeat fresh fragrance, is tender and really delicacy.

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