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Welcome to Dongguan!
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Dongguan History

The history of Dongguan is well-established. According to historical record: The Neolithic time, within the boundaries of Dong Jiang coast had the primitive crowd to live together. South B.C.E. 20th century summer Dynasty, Dongguan is subordinate to the Jiaonan. When Spring and Autumn Period Warring States, Dongguan is "hundred Guangdong place".
214 B.C., Chin Shihhuang unifies China, Dongguan is the place of South Sea Fanyu County. When Eastern Han Dynasty Shun emperor, divides Panyu to set up the Zeng city, Dongguan is subordinate to the Zeng city. East A.D. in 222---228 year, divides the Zeng city to set up the Dongguan county. Enters the Jin dynasty, to abolish the Dongguan county, Dongguan belongs Panyu, the Zeng city. Eastern Jin Dynasty Xianhe six years (A.D. 331 years), Dongguan sets up the county, named Baoan. (757 years) changes the name as Dongguan in Tang Suzong Zhide two years. Makes Dongguan as the county from this, because within the boundaries is rich in the water plant (the Wan grass) to acquire fame by handing down. The Qianfu six years (879 years), Huang Chao insurrectionary army captures Guangzhou, once divided forces to the county boundary Guichengli area, the plum pond. When five dynasties the Southern Han Dabao six years (963 years), set Meichuan county in Dongguan, take search for pearls specially as the matter
The Southern Song Dynasty time Shaoxing 22 years (in 1152), is divided the Xiangshan town of Dongguan to build the Xiangshan county (now Zhongshan city). The Deyou two years (in 1276) spring, Yuan army to break the Linan (now Hangzhou), the Southern Song Dynasty is critical, the Donggan person Xiongfei in the pomegranate flower village dispatches troops into battle Emperor Qinwang. The Yuan dynasty 15 years (in 1355), the Dongguan people revolted in abundance, Wang Cheng seize Shi Gang, Fulong, ShiYong, Hnegli and so on place; Chen Zhongyu seize Wu Yuan; Li Queqing seize Nanshan, Jingkang field; WenZhong seize Dongpu; Wuyanming seize Nantou, Dongguan field. Also had Zeng Botian, Zhengrunqing, Yangrunqing, Liang Guorui, Liu Xianqing, XiaoHanming and so on also in abundance dispatches troops into battle, respectively seize a side, resistance to Yuan soldier. The Ming Hongwu 27 years (in 1394), set Dongguan (Nantou) defend the imperial unit of a thousand households and the big huge mythical bird defends the imperial unit of a thousand households, subordinated to the Naihaiwei. The Zhengde first year (in 1506), the Portuguese came on and took presenting tribute asks for seals as the reason, seized the Dongguan County boundary to be close to the sea Tunmen, Haiao. Chongzhen ten (in 1637), the English at the beginning of warship entered the tiger gate. The Qing Qianlong eight years (in 1743) in June, the English warship drifted to the tiger gate to enter the lion ocean.
The big government office dispatches Dongguan county magistrate Yinguangren goes to the declaration principle of Ming dynasty, British warship departs in September. In September, 1808, English warship 3 drove into the tiger gate, entered anchors Huangpu, unreasonably stopped over 3 or 4 months long time then to depart. In order to guard against the British warship invasion, next year add constructs a tiger gate Tingbuxun the new Guangdong mountain fort, and at Jiaomen the seaport "a row of Chinese toon to sink the stone", to control canal from the tiger gate enters the lion ocean. The Daoguang 19 years (in 1839) on January 28 (on March 13), imperial envoy Lin Zexu, The governor Deng Tingzhen go to the tiger gate to meet GuanTianpei, recruited steamship 22. In April (from June 3 to 25th), Lin Zexu, DengTingzhen and so on in the presence of everyone destroys the opium 20,283 box in the tiger gate beach. This is "Fire the tobacco at the Tiger gate" which shocks China and the world
In May, 1840, the first Opium War erupted, the tiger gate became the main battlefield. In July, Lin Zexu to the tiger gate supervises the army. In February, the Qing government sends Luanshan as the counter General to Guangzhou. The date of fifth day (on 25th), the British armed forces Hengdang, tiger gate and so on cannon fort, GuanTianpei died in battle. In October of Qing Xianfeng six years (in 1856),The second Opium War eruption. The British attack the tiger gate, the Hengdang as the cannon fort, also destroys the big angle fort and Yaxiniang fort. Then attacks Dongguan, Military official Denganbang lead the militia heroic resistance, defends the Wan city. Dongguan has glorious revolutionary tradition. Lin Zexu in Dongguan Tiger gate to fire the tobacco, writes down the glory chapter of the Chinese modern history, is the Chinese modern history place of introduction. The Sino-Japanese War time, here is the Dong Jiang people War of Resistance against Japan base area, thousand Dongguan son and children fight for the national independence, the country are prosperous and powerful heroically, are bathed in blood and lay down one's life. The glorious historical culture and glorious revolutionary tradition, cause Dongguan to become the Guangdong historical city.
The early days of liberation, Dongguan is governed by the Dong Jiang administrative area. In 1952, also is the administrative area of Guangdong. In 1956, was the Huiyang special area. In 1985, Dongguan authorized by the State Council to list as the Zhujiang Delta economic development zone, in September removed the county to construct the city in the same year; In January, 1988 promoted for locally administered level city, subordinated to Guangdong Province to govern.

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