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Welcome to Dongguan!
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Dongguan Overview

Dongguan lies in the south in Guangdong Province, the east bank of the mouth of ZhuJiang, and Zhujiang River Delta of the low reaches of Dongjiang. Locate in east longitude 113 31 ' - 15 114 ' north latitude 22 39 ' - 09 23 ', belong to subtropical monsoon climate, long summer and no winter throughout the year, sunlight is sufficient, the rainfall is plentiful , the difference in temperature is little in amplitude, the monsoon is obvious. Most the east is the silver bottle mouth mountain in clear stream, boarded by Huizhou; Most north is the central scroll datan township, separate rivers as the neighbor with Huizhou and Guangzhou; most the west is a Lion ocean center route in the Northwest of the west of Shatian, face each other across the sea with Guangzhou; most the south is reservoir of fenggang goose's field , link with Shenzhen , adjoins Hong Kong and Macro, between Guangzhou and the economic corridor middle west of Shenzhen. The north is 59 Kilometers from Guangzhou; the southeast is 99 Kilometers from Shenzhen, 140 Kilometers from Hong Kong. About 70.45 kilometers long from east to west, the north and south is about 46.8 kilometers wide, the area of land of the whole city is 2465 Square kilometers. Administrative area now assign Guan urban area, east urban area, south urban area, ten thousand river district and 28 towns.
Dongguan is the historical city of Guangdong Province, the traveling resources is rich, have the Opium War museum, the weiyuan fort, the shajiao fort and so on the famous scenic spot in the Chinese and foreign are well-known the tiger gate Opium War ancient battlefield; The Wan city has one of four given names gardens of ke garden of Guangdong; yinxian mountain village of changping town, Qingxi town's scenery world, Dongcheng district's flag peak park and the tiger England outskirts park, Southern Society Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient common people residence of the tea mountain town, rich kejia character and style of the zhang tree wood town and the Qingxi town, "sells into servitude the festival" to splash water the activity of east the pit town, constituted the characteristic traveling of Dongguan.

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