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Welcome to Dongguan!
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Dongguan Shopping

In recent years, rapid development of Dongguan economy make Dongguan area formed several heavy shopping area. Have strong advantage of production base that help form a series of the professional shopping market. Humen clothing, the furniture professional market in Hou street, the professional wool fabric market in Dalang, Dongguan Jingjiu international toy gift trade and business city in Changping, the automobile fitting market in Huangjiang,etc.

There is a lot of shopping place market with distinct characteristic in Dongguan

The name of market
Wal-Mart shopping square Urban the east vertical main road
Baijia good super square urban area west right way
Jusco supermarket new garden village of Dongcheng District Square of trade and business
The Economic and trade centre of Dongguan The east one road of River in district
the rich men fashion city in Humen Humen town Yinlong road
Humen fashion city Humen town port road
The Zhangye general merchandise square Humen town port road
Longqian Commercial square Humen town Jinlaong road
The Huarun square The HouJie town south of Kangle road
The electric apparatus Department In the urban Guantai main road new Xinjikou road
The Chang An new world shopping center Changan town Changzhong road
Diwang Commercial city The Zhangmutou town side of west city Cultural Square
The Tianhe general merchandise The Zhangmutou town Yongning road
Tiantain era shopping square Changping town Shichang road
The women world shopping square Changping town one street side of new city
Dahua square The Shilong town Hongmian road No 1
The Jinsha gulf shopping square The Shilong town West Lake road the third street
.Shatoujiao clothing comprehensive market Shilong town Weixin road

The special product in Dongguan

>>The Humen clothing
One of the foue well-known cities of whole country four major clothing; The design of the clothing is various in style, attractive designs, can follow the trend of the international fashion closely , exquisite in workmanship, quality is better.

>>Straw plaiting article
The history of Dongguan straw plaiting article is long, the craft is superior , numerous in variety, handsome in appearance, the Hou street is praised as " the township of the straw mat " too.

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