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Welcome to Dongguan!
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The exhibition information in Dongguan

The third session of South China international labor controls automated and the instrument measuring appliance (Dongguan)

The exposition convention time: On October 25 - 27, 2005 date The place: The Chinese Dongguan country opportune moment unfolds the central
Sponsor unit: Dongguan mechanical industry quality control association Dongguan mechanical industry quality control association
Undertaking unit: The Guangzhou Zhengya displays the limited company Guangzhou Jinhuida business trade display limited co
Range participating in the exhibition: Industrial control and automation: Automation and control system , equipment: Worker's accusing of machine, servo system, electrical machinery, controller machine, control device , MEMS components and parts, on-the-spot bus, control software, industrial vision system, artificial device, level pigeonhole electric apparatus, Engineer accuse of the power, network monitoring system;
Factory automation equipment: Numerical control system, servo system, manipulator, robot, AGV car , numerical control count and show the equipment etc.; frequency converter, pay /direct current the converters, changer sending machine, governor; Various kinds of instrument and apparatus and package of the instrument, complete sets of system and device, measuring and testing the equipment etc.; All kinds of sensor , converter instrument, relay instrument, connector and relevant components and parts ,etc.; Fluid transmission, hydraulic pressure are pneumatic, seal, air compressor flow meter, flow switch, liquid-level switch and relevant equipment ,etc.; Informationization of manufacturing industry, laser, industrial information technology and software, little electrical machinery and optical, mechanical and electronic integration
Instrument measuring appliance class: The regulator, the sensitive unit and the metering equipment, changes delivering, the sensor, the reflectoscope reflector, measures the meter, the display, the electronic surveying instrument, the electrician measuring appliance, the execution and the regulating valve, the locator, calls the heavy installment, the signal processor, the intellectualized measuring appliance, the analysis and the optical instrument, the laboratory instrument and the equipment and so on the specialized instrument.
Join the exhibition to get in touch with : ?Apply for CDE honourable seat at once ?Ground of the Secretariat of Organizing Committee
Location: Guangzhou city Dongpu road No9-13 Huian pavilion 1803 room
The post No: 510660
Telephone numbers: 020-82305176 82306418
Faxes: 020-823064182005

2005 Dongguan international welds and cuts the new technical application exhibition (the 4th - the 6th of November, 2005)

The exhibition place: Dongguan international Convention and Exhibition Center
Time: The 4th -the 6th of November, 2005
Sponsor: China International Centre for Economic and Technical Exchanges
Supports the unit: Guangdong Province welding association, Guangdong Province shipbuilding project association, Fujian welding association, Guangxi province autonomous region welding association, Hunan welding association, South China welding science and technological association and research institute
Run the unit: Guangdong Province the quality and technical Supervision, Guangdong Province welding association, the mechanical engineering association the welding branch association of Guangdong Province
The range participating in the exhibition of : Weld and cut equiping; Weld and complement the machines instrument; Welder fittings; Welding material; The welder uses the electric apparatus component ; Detecting instrument of welding seam.
Address: Dongguan Tiyu road No. 28 Jaixin building 4F-9
Telephone numbers: 0769- 2384662
Faxes: 0769- 2384101
Persons to contact : Zhou Rui 13113182746
E-Mail : wcb325@126.com

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