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Welcome to Dongguan!
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Travel guide of Dongguan

>>Opium War museum
Dongguan Opium War museum, also names the tiger gate LinZexu memorial hall, is located the tiger gate town to the terminus of liberate road, is the Chinese ancient ruins professional museum. The museum predecessor is the Lin Zexu memorial hall which established in 1957, in 1972 changed name as the Opium War tiger gate people anti- England memorial hall, in 1985 changed the name as the tiger gate Lin Zexu memorial hall, at the same time additionally built the famous Opium War museum.
The Opium War museum is a commemorative museum which collect, exhibit, studies Lin Zexu and the Opium War cultural relic historical data. Hall discriminate for this hall department, water chestnut fort administration center and weiyuan fort administration center three parts. The museum attention cultural relic collection and the research, the collection sells smoke cultural relic and so on pond wooden stake, plank, opium smoking gear, Lin Zexu original handwriting, has the cannon, the artillery, the gunpowder cylinder, the gunpowder cylinder, resistance British armed forces and so on the broadsword, lance has used the weapon and seizes the British armed forces the foreign-made small arms, the ocean artillery and so on, the quantity reaches more than 3,000 (set). Is reflected the Opium War time Chinese nation resistance big powers, resist aggression have the representative matter witness.
Opium War museum environment is exquisite, exterior construction characteristic is bright. The hall area main entrance is a castle -like gate tower, the front surface place is standing erect a pink large-scale group sculpture. Center the statue are the hero wants for the horizontal knife to leap, holds sword which the halberd looks angrily at, the side two people then caress the artillery to stand, they are the heroic portrayal precisely our country people resist the western big powers; The Shajiao, the weiyuan artillery goal fort, the ancient artillery, the darkroom, the war lane, barracks then has manifested the Opium War naval battle atmosphere, is touching the ice-cold wall, that Opium War field campaign condenses in at present, led the people to return hundred years ago the tiger gate soldiers and civilians anti- powerful enemy, the imperial foreign aggression, to raise the national prestige in the historical corridor, felt that intense spirit of patriotism.

>>The Huying outskirts park
It is situated in the Dongguan yellow flag piedmont, the east city new downtown area, the adjacent peak scenery golf course, the new world garden, the cheerful scenery garden, the occupying a land area of more than 900 Chinese acres, the lake water area 290 Chinese acres. The Huying outskirts park poly stones of the hundred mountains, to careful idea, completed the sculpture garden, the Huying Chinese style pavilion, the Yunyu bridge, the vigor square, the Roman colonnade, the sweetheart island, the open-air bathing beach, the happy valley baked garden, the playground and so on the rich scenic spot. Places oneself in the Huying outskirts park to let you abandon the metropolis noise, enjoys the countryside beautiful scene.

>>The flag peak park garden
In the flag peak park garden has the yellow flag mountain which elevation is 189 meter, takes the form of the flag to unfold, before Tang Dynasty called "the yellow range", is Dongguan's symbol. "The yellow flag range goes against hangs the lantern" is first scenery in the folklore Dongguan eight scenery. Under the mountain has yellow flag Goddess of Mercy ancient temple which constructs in Song Dynasty, at holidays, tourist like tide. Piedmont still remaining ancient well, called "The Lian spring".

>>The pomegranate flower park
It is located Tongling which is he junction of the Wan-Long road and the Wan-Jie road, the beginning constructs at the Ming Dynasty Wanli years (approximately 470 years history), The tower height more than 30 meters. In the pomegranate flower park has the flowered brook silver pond, the great temple, the deity bed, Qiniang deep pools, the bronze drum angle and so on the rich fable and the cultural relic vestige; Periphery has the Aozhi pond XuGong crag, the former dwelling of XuJingtang, the sea tide hut, Yu Wu scenic site and so on traveling scene. In addition also has pomegranate flower town which constructs in Ming Dynasty (the Sino-Japanese War time Dongguan people fires the first weaponry to oppose the Japan in this), pomegranate flower commemorative pavilion to opposite to Japan, the Xiongfei botanical garden beautiful scenery which the ancient grave as well as just completed to collect the fragrant garden (composed by the decorated corridor, general the ancestral hall and so on)

>>The weiyuan fort
It is situated between Panyu and Dongguan two cities, first near Chuanbi ocean, both banks every mountain to confront, in the river has the big tiger, the small tiger, Shnaghengdang and so on. The red rock island stands erect, the shape like the gateway, the wonderful dangerous becomes naturally, becomes the Zhujiangkou river fortress. In the past Lin Zexu, Guan Tianpei was in order to resist the foreign aggression, in both banks of tiger gate, in the island in the river constructed the water chestnut, the weiyuan, the Zhengyuan and the Jingyuan fort, to display the iron shackle near the river, caused it to become "the chain copper pass".

>>ShiJie county Yuan Chonghuan commemorates garden
Yuan Chonghuan (A.D. 1,584 ~ 1,630) is our country renowned national heroes, The last years of Ming Dynasty is the Shangshu of Ministry of War and right vice- all censor, in the past, in resisted the Qing armed to enter the juncture, repeatedly perform outstanding merit, successively defeated the ancestor Nurhachu and the Qing ancestor emperor Huangtaiji, supervised the army of Ji, Liao, holds Shanhai juncture, guarded the national capital army , established the great achievements. Latter suffers calumniates, world injustice it.
Yuan Chonghuan dies causes the Ming dynasty rapidly to disintegrate and finally fall, His spirit of loyalty to serves the country was admired by the generations.
ShiJie county and the Shuinan village decided to prepare for constructing the commemorate garden of Yuan Chonghuan, the occupying a land area is110,000 square meters. Also constructs Ming Dynasty common people residence, the beacon tower, the Great Wall and the film and television street, the movie studio in the garden and so on, for film and television, advertisement outdoor scene photography and traveling visit.
The Yuan Chonghuan former dwelling is located the west of Guang-Zhen railroad Shilong station, relies on DongJiang river, clear waters and beautiful forest, the Yuan Chonghuan former dwelling is reconstructs in the ruins, The old name of ruins was YuanWudun, before reform and open policy still remaining room wall base and so on. Presently the former dwelling is 42 meters, the width is 28 meters, the area is 1,176 square meters. Its former dwelling constructs YuanDushi the ancestral hall, the statue, The clothing grave.

>>Tiger spring mountain villa
It lie in Humen town the Daren mountain Niuzi hillock. This hillock adjoins and faces Lin Zexu memorial museum, is the guard station of navy of Guangdong originally, is the site of peaceful running water company now. Through the meticulous design of this company, the mountain villa is built near the mountain, reply one shadily in the forest , pass open and deep and remote, tiger spring cliffside waterfall, ancient city wall is 2 kilometers, the stone image of Lin Zexu stands erect on the mountaintop, has an imposing appearance.

>>WanJiang jinao continent
It is located Guangdong Dongguan WanJiang area Jintai administrative district JinAo continent tower, the beginning constructs in the Ming Wanli 25 years (1,597), be completed in Tianqi four years (1,624). It is reported, The goal of constructing tower is "by cultivates the atmosphere, also is suitable for prosperous and flourishing the family". This tower once fell down in the beginning of Qing Qianlong years, reconstructed in Qianlong two years. From 1989, the Dongguan government allocates funds to mend this tower, finished in 1993, basically maintained the original style.
The JinAozhou tower is the plane octagon, the tower body divided into nine floors, is the stone tower of pavilion type and circle the even brick cup pinnacle. The tower uses the live iron to cast, sets upright 1 copper bottle gourd on it, the top layer edges and corners has 8 bells.
This Jin Aozhou tower which had more than 400 years history, attracts many Chinese and foreign tourists to go to watch until now, has the historical value and the artistic value.

>>The city people park
The people park beginning constructed in 1913, because had Shi Ruyu therefore to call the Rushan park. Now the people's park total area 23 hectares, in the garden amuse the facility completely, the pavilion and the building serves as contrast, the trees are green and big, each kind of watches tree seed to reach more than 100 , the red bridge and green water, the lotus pond moonlight, the bamboo tree avenue, the brightness of flowers and birdsongs. The people's park is a comprehensive city park which collected with ecology leisure, the robust fitness, the patriotic education in a body, is good destination of leisure and taking vacation for people.

>>Goddess of Mercy mountain Forest Park
It lie in the territory of Zhangmutou town that have the praise of " small Hong Kong ", it is the theme park that incorporates ecological tour and religious cultural tour into an organic. The whole area in the garden is 1745.2 hectares, forest coverage rate is more than 99, alias' " day Holy Land in the south ". The mountain Forest Park of Goddess of Mercy is with the pure and fresh air all the year, the brightness of flowers and birdsongs, the content of anion is extremely high. The enormous basalt Goddess of Mercy Bodhisattva Image is on the mountaintops of Goddess Mercy mountain which elevation is up to 488 meters, the image is 33 meters high, weigh up to more than 3000 tons, the appearance is vivid. Goddess of Mercy square is with the whole area of 10000 square meters. The recreation center in park cover an area of 50000 square meters, The national famous Wuqiao acrobatics regiment always stay in here to perform. Additional have the roast field , rock-climbing district , archery field , natural oxygen bar (Foyuan road ) , forest path (bodhi foot-path ) and so on.

>>The Shilong Jinsha gulf park
It lies in the side of east rivers Shilong town, look at afar with beautiful West Lake embankment and beautiful coconut forest park, form Shilong pleasant scenery of " one river of three port ".color flowers and green grass in the garden, the trees make a pleasant shade, cloister and meander way, waterside and pavilions; Also there are fountain and small square. Install the rare stone image of hectometers of large-scale " Shilong pictures of ancient town " in the garden at present.

>>Dongguan Ke garden
" Can admire Promised Land of human world and praise the celestial palace of the sky in the garden " in the garden. About the name of Ke garden, it has different explanations, but the same in one point, this flower garden " can be might and visited awarding ".
Though the garden is not big in floor space, such scenery as the building, pool on the mountain, flowers and trees are very abundant in the garden. While building the park, have used the tactics of " very close mountain forest ", so can reproduce the scenery of the nature in the limited space. There are the one floor, six pavilions, five pavilions, six typhoons, five ponds, three bridges, nineteen drawing rooms, fifteen rooms, in the whole garden, through more than 130 kinds of door and veranda, walking road join together, the design is exquisite, and novel plot.
There is a lotus pool before the garden door, after come the little red pavilion by sitting room, the grand curious, deep and serene garden scene is represented before eyes gradually. The green corridor of circulation is viewed and traveled slowly, can see the monthly pavilion, Yaoxian hole, blue pavilion, song pool, arched bridge, and collect pavilion, fishing platform, song bridge, small pavilion, etc. can be regarded as scene everywhere, scene scenes are different.
But the first major characteristic of the garden is: Extend in all direction. The Art of War by Sunzi merge in Ke garden building, become one great characteristics of whole garden. Whole garden, the pavilions, terraces and open halls of the whole garden, the high pavilion of hall, the corridor dyke fence of the bridge, have more than 130 gates in all, 108 post, like picture of eight files which done by the Three Kingdoms of Kong Ming whole of overall arrangement, people are in the garden, if unless give your whole attention to it, it is general just as enter Eight-Diagram tactics, may lose the route very much.
But the second major characteristic of the garden is: Writing style of kindly thought. Although Zhangjinxiu is as a military duty, quite dark to lute-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting. So although whole flower garden partial to Wu ,some to seem writing style kindly thought strong marrow extremely slightly
Marches into the garden, Huanbi porch which at present is renowned far and near unfold before your eyes. The corridor surrounds the entire place botanical garden, surrounds a corridor circle, the entire garden scenery may look at with nothing left. The beginning of the Huanbi porch located in "Bihong small pavilion". "Bihong" is the meaning to peel litchi, Bihong pavilion is the place the master invites the article friend to taste the litchi. Through Bihong pavilion, the first scenic spot is the cassia tree reception room, this is the dining room in the garden, and it's out of the ordinary place lies in its clear water fishpond and "the artificial air conditioning".
"Ke hall" is the most dignified construction in Ke garden, four red stone columns compound in front of the halls, appears the style to be uncommon. Outside the hall about two porches long flowers base, beautiful center contains dignified and solemn. Right front supposes a small typhoon name "Zishu typhoon", for using of decorates the bonsai specially. Outside the hall center builds a big rocky mountain, resembles the lion, powerful, and constructs a tower in it, to call lion get on the tower. Brings forth the mid-autumn festival every time, night of the month circle, the people mount the stage enjoy looking at the moon, may look at the fall scenery. Walk towards again, then to the terminus of Huanbi porch.

>>The stone tablet of gold pavilion
It placed in the 20th year of Jiajing (1542), the tablet is 1.84 meters high, 102 meters wide. Record renovated the corrupt behavior while having trade relations to the outside at that time by LiQi in Fanyu county, get the foreign merchant's great respect, the foreign businessman raises 100 silver to give LiQi for the thanks of showing, but LiQi resolutely refuses to be received. Finally, foreign businessman decided to build pavilion with the money, in order to cite clean government of LiQi. After gave approval, perform military field build pavilion in Dongguan most public place at that time, set up a monument, register for horizontal inscribed board.

>>Shilong's Zhongshan Park
It lies on the Taiping road of Shilong town, build up in 1924, named for commemorate forerunner of democratic revolution Sunzhongshan, The whole area in the park is more than 40,000 square meters. It is have Liwenfu memorial pavilion which is one of hillock 72 martyrs, it have open-air stage which the Chou En-lai have a lecture when east expedition, Chou En-lai statue and the statue " The township of the weight lifting " of athlete's sculpture,etc.

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